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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Ramp System

Our Built-In Ramp System for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van is designed to make loading and unloading safe and efficient. With more than 30 square feet of platform space, this ramp allows fantastic maneuverability all across the ramp surface keeping you and your cargo safe! And with a 2,200 lb weight capacity, there’s not much this Sprinter ramp can’t do. Opening and closing the ramp lift gate takes only seconds and provides superior access in and out of the van.

Whether you’re delivering tires, motorcycles, or running a landscape business, the Sprinter ramp system can tackle almost any job you have and make every work day, a safer and more productive day!

Fits 2018 - 2023 Mercedes Sprinter High Roof Vans.

See How You Can Put Our Ramps to Use!

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Specifications for Sprinter Ramp Liftgate

available for the 1500, 2500, 3500, 3600XD and 4500 High Roof Models

Ramp Size* L x W 74.5" x 60.5" 74.5" x 60.5" 74.5" x 60.5" 74.5" x 60.5" 74.5" x 60.5"
Ramp Weight 290 lbs 290 lbs 290 lbs 290 lbs 290 lbs
Ramp Platform Area 31.3 square feet 31.3 square feet 31.3 square feet 31.3 square feet 31.3 square feet
Ramp Capacity 2200 lbs 2200 lbs 2200 lbs 2200 lbs 2200 lbs
Ramp Pitch without Extenders** 22º 22º 24º 24º 24º
Ramp Pitch with Extenders** 15º 15º 17º 17º 17º

* Replaces Rear Cargo Doors, ** On Level Ground

Accessories and Options

Click below to learn how you can extend the ramp functionality even further!

Sprinter Ramp Extenders

Ramp Extenders

Provide additional pitch for increased clearance into the van.

Sprinter Ramp Work Table Legs

Ramp Worktable Legs

Convert your ramp gate into a worktable in minutes.

Sprinter Rear Camera Extension

Back Up Camera Extension

Extensions for the OEM rear view backup camera.

ProMaster Interior wall liner

Interior Wall Liners

Protect your investment from the inside out.

ProMaster Wheel Well Cover

Wheel Well Liners

Protect your wheel wells from damage & reduce road noise.

ProMaster Wheel Well Storage boxes

Wheel Well Storage Boxes

Provides extra storage where you couldn’t store before.