Are you looking to extend the functionality of your ramp? We’ve got you covered with ramp extenders, ramp worktable conversion legs, and more for the ProMaster, Transit, and Sprinter cargo work vans.

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Ramp extenders switch the pitch of your ramps

Ramp Extenders

When you need a little more clearance, or you need to increase the pitch of the ramp liftgate, our Ramp Extenders will help make loading and unloading safer and easier.
Some ramps have more of a pitch or angle than others, and some inclines that you may encounter may also reduce the pitch or angle that you will be loading and unloading on. Because of this, some items/equipment may not cross over the threshold of the ramp without scraping as it enters the cargo van floor. For this reason, the ramp extenders are a great choice to help increase pitch, and give you that extra clearance you need.

The ramp extenders can be used for various applications such as loading motorcycles, stand-on mowers, flooring equipment, golf carts, and more.


Switch the Pitch of Your Ramp!

Ramp without extenders

Ramp without Extenders

ProMaster without Extenders 19º
Transit without Extenders 23º

Ramp with extenders

Ramp with Extenders

ProMaster with Extenders 14º
Transit with Extenders 15.5º

Ramp Worktable

Being more productive on the jobsite is a must today and with our new Ramp Legs, you can turn your ramp liftgate into a highly functional worktable in just minutes!

Whether you’re cutting wood, cleaning equipment, working on a motorcycle, reviewing drawings, laying out tile, or simply need a place to sit down and take a break, our ramp worktable simply makes every job a little easier. And with a 2,220 lb weight capacity, the applications are endless.

Ramp worktable conversion

Rearview Backup Camera Extension

Visibility is crucial for safety, especially when backing up your cargo van. Our rearview camera backup extension is a must after installing our ramp systems. Once the ramp system has been installed, the top of the frame on the ramp system can partially block some of your vision when backing up. Because safety is so crucial, we have manufactured extensions for the OEM rearview backup camera so that you have 100% visibility when backing up.

Simple to install and a must for visibility and safety!

Protect Your Investment From the Inside Out

Interior Wall & Ceiling Liners

Our interior wall and ceiling liners are laser cut so the fit is fantastic! Once they’re installed, you can mount and hang your equipment wherever you want to so that your van is well-organized and ready for the work day.

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