Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Download our ramp manual here.

The maximum weight load rating for the ramp system is 2,200 lbs. We strongly suggest that you keep the weight of the equipment that you are loading under the maximum weight load rating to keep both you and the equipment safe. For additional information, please review our ramp manual.

The ProMaster and Sprinter Ramp System weight in at approximately 300 lbs while the Transit weighs approximately 330 lbs.



Yes, you can! We use all factory hinges when installing the ramp system, so the doors can be re-installed if you decide to sell your van.

Yes, as long as the ramp system is used for the same model, and the OEM manufacturer does not change the design of the back of the chassis which is rare.

No. All parts come with the ramp system. The only items you will need for installation are your tools, and a little bit of mechanical aptitude.

Yes. The ramp is manufactured out of extruded aluminum and the frame is manufactured out of stainless steel. We always encourage you to keep the ramp system clean and free from dirt and grime.

There are 2 grease fittings on the ramp system. One on each side at the bottom left, and bottom right of the ramp door. They should be greased 1-2 times per year based on your usage.

Yes. There are 2 sets of rubber weather stripping in place. The first one is from the factory where the doors are removed. We designed our frame to fit against the factory OEM weather stripping so it provides an excellent seal. The second weather stripping has been installed on the ramp frame where the ramp closes against the frame. This provides excellent protection from water from seeping into the interior of the van.

You can add anything you want; however, you may void the warranty and or remove any and all liability that is issued with the ramp system. Safety is paramount with our ramp systems, so follow all recommended guidelines when using the ramp system.

Please call us at (704)844-0900 or send an email to warranty@checkoutourramps.com.  We’ll be happy to assist in any way that we can to help you with any issues.

We're excited to help you ramp up your business! If you have questions, comments, or feedback about our ramp system, we're here to help. Call or contact us for more information.