Interior liners for cargo van interior walls, ceilings, and wheel wells. 

Protecting your investment from the inside out...

Protecting your investment is a smart idea... Adding functionality to that protection is even smarter! With our new aluminum liners for interior walls and ceilings, you get protection, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Vinyl liners look great; however, you can't mount and hang equipment on vinyl liners. That's what makes our Van-Go Liners the smarter choice for cargo van interior walls and ceilings. They also won't puncture like vinyl liners.

Our interior wall and ceiling liners are made out of lightweight aluminum and laser cut for a fantastic fit! Our liners are also pre-drilled to make installation a snap. Once they are installed, you can mount and hang your equipment wherever you want to so that your van is well organized and ready for the work day.

Van-Go Liner Benefits

  • Superior protection against dents, scratches, and punctures from the inside out
  • Protects and helps maintain the resale value of your cargo van
  • Keeps employees safer by mounting equipment on the walls instead of stacked on the floor
  • Gives the van a professional, finished look that adds value to your investment
  • Laser cut and pre-drilled for easy installation and perfect fit
  • Mount and hang equipment where you want
  • Add insulation behind the Van-Go Liners for a cooler and/or warmer vehicle.

Our Van-Go Liners for walls and ceilings are available in polished aluminum and traditional diamond plate finishes.

Van-Go Wheel Well Covers

Every van owner knows that wheel wells are one of the first things to get dented due to loading and unloading.  Our wheel well covers are manufactured out of lightweight aluminum and are designed to help protect the wheel wells and your investment!

Our Van-Go Wheel Well Covers are designed for quick and easy installation and will add superior protection against dents, scratches, and punctures.
Available in smooth aluminum and diamond plate finishes. Diamond Plate shown with optional Wheel Well Storage Box.

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