The Ramp You've Been Waiting For


This built-in ramp system features a full-width, top to bottom for safe, easy access and provide maximum loading and surface traction. No hydraulics or electrical hookup needed. Opening and closing only takes seconds! It’s a manual lift system that will provide years of uninterrupted service and convenience.

Whether you're delivering freight, moving equipment, or running a mobile business, our built-in ramp systems help you get the job done!

What Makes this Ramp So Awesome?
Check Out these Benefits!

No more time wasted dealing with flimsy, narrow ramps that take up your cargo space.

Easy opening ramp
Safe and Easy to Use

Opens and closes in seconds making loading and unloading a breeze.

Open Van Ramps
Super Wide Ramp Platform

The full-width ramp platform provides unparalleled safety and efficiency.

Harley 3 copy
2200 lb Weight Capacity

This sturdy, reinforced aluminum ramp is ready to handle almost any project.

Check Out These
Ramp Features
  • Our ramp design makes loading and unloading a cinch!
  • Opens and closes in seconds
  • Built for safety & productivity
  • 2,200 lb weight capacity
  • Widest ramp in its class
  • Aluminum and stainless steel design
  • Milled ramp surface for traction 
  • Converts to a worktable in minutes
  • No more trailers, hydraulics, or electric hookups needed
Extend the function of your ramp!

Whether you need more clearance or decrease the ramp incline,  our Ramp Extenders make loading and unloading safer and easier.

Ramp without extenders

Ramp without Extenders

ProMaster without Extenders 19º
Transit without Extenders 23º

Ramp with extenders

Ramp with Extenders

ProMaster with Extenders 14º
Transit with Extenders 15.5º

See Our Additional
Accessories and Options

Looking to extend the functionality of your ramp? We've got you covered with ramp extenders, ramp legs and more for the RAM ProMaster and Ford Transit van built-in van ramps.


Ramp Work Table Legs

Increase productivity on the job site with our new Ramp Legs! Turn your ramp liftgate into a functional worktable in minutes.


Ramp Lock Latching System

Add additional protection for the contents of your cargo van with our Ramp Lock Latching System.

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